Amanda Bennett: A Year in Zaragoza, Spain

Random Goings-On November 4, 2009

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After the school’s fun but limited Halloween party – limited not by a lack of will or celebration mood but by our small school and even smaller budget – I returned home for dinner, but quickly donned a dress and heels to go to the theatre! Although everyone else lived too far away to go home, eat dinner, return to go to the theatre, and then rush home before curfew, and hence no one could accompany me, I decided to go alone. The obra, Fugadas (Fugitives), starred Rosario Pardo, who also happens to play the aunt on my favorite series here, Doctor Mateo. The play was enjoyable and funny, and I was even able to move to a better seat right before the curtain went up! I arrived home right before curfew thoroughly content.
I spent the morning doing some homework – finishing “The Sun Also Rises”, by Hemingway. Seeing as I happen to like Hemingway, I enjoyed the reading thoroughly, although this book isn’t nearly as good as “For Whom the Bell Tolls”.
After an afternoon of exploring the mall (my first time visiting it and hopefully my last – large clothing stores disorient me), we realized that we couldn’t all stay together for dinner because we had no money. Then an idea: I invited everyone to my house for dinner! Despite having only rice and beans (and onion and garlic…and nutella for dessert), we enjoyed the time together. I had had every intention to explore the streets a bit, due to the masses of people out for Halloween, but somehow the night slipped away chatting in my living room…
¡Día de Todos Santos!
The second full day of the “puente”, the long weekend. I went for a walk in the morning (accompanied by a book) and then to a lunch with my host mother, stopping at a store where she knew I could find an inexpensive winter jacket (a miracle: 12 euros!). We went to the house of her friend, where we ate wonderfully: grilled peppers, a lovely mushroom-garlic dish, potatoes and eggs, and a frozen chocolate dessert, and coffee, of course. I’ve developed quite an affinity for black coffee.
After lunch (which lasted from 2 until 5) I met up with a friend for a stroll through the streets (and ice cream, of course).
I arrived home in time for dinner and a new episode of Doctor Mateo! The program runs from 10:15 to 11:45, so I went straight to bed afterwards.
What a luxury to wake up at 8:30, an hour later than usual, and not have to rush off to school either!
My host mother and I headed out right after breakfast for a bicycle ride through the city, taking advantage of the beautiful new bike paths. After this we met up with my host aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents, great-aunt, and great-uncle for a lunch at “Las Palomas” a popular buffet restaurante – not my favorite, but after going to a vegetarian restaurant a few weeks ago, my grandfather got to choose the place this time.
The evening we spent at home, reading the paper, finishing homework, and I got the chance to read two books this weekend: Historia de una Escalera, a play by Buero Vallejo, and Daisy Miller, a classic by Henry James, both books left by past Americans who Carmen has hosted.
A welcome return to school after a nice long weekend.
After classes, I had to go see Ágora, a film by Spanish director Alejandro Almenábar but filmed in English, for history class. However, the version here is dubbed. Regardless of my distaste for dubbing, I loved the movie. It is slightly depressing but moving, and is very much a work of art. I would definitely recommend seeing it if it is still playing in American theatres!
Tonight, I’m looking forward to my second tango class!


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  1. Glenn Osgoodby "59 Says:

    Amanda–my wife Pat and I just got back from a one month motor trip around Spain and spent 3 days in Zaragossa–what a great city! We enjoyed our brief stay there and hopefully will get back sometime in the future.

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