Amanda Bennett: A Year in Zaragoza, Spain

Sunday: El Fin January 1, 2010

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A trip to Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without seeing Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia cathedral. Construction began in 1882. The first architect was replaced with Gaudí in 1883, who ended up devoting the rest of his life to the cathedral. Thanks to a generous donation, Gaudí was able to completely change the original plans for the cathedral and leave his indelible mark on its plans. The building is still incomplete; the pamphlet says that the interior will be done in 2010, but the amount of work to still be completed left us dubious – to date there is no floor and only a few windows have stained glass installed. The end date of 2030 for the exterior is perhaps a bit more feasible, but another façade and 10 additional towers haven’t even been started yet.

Despite the scaffolding, the cathedral is an impressive and beautiful place – and definitely Gaudí.

The façade facing the entrance depicts the Passion of Christ.

Waiting in line for an hour was worth the view at the top of the cathedral.

The other façade depicts the birth of Christ – fitting for Christmastime!

What an impressive end to a wonderful trip! I don’t think I can ever fully express my gratitude to Heather and her parents for inviting me.


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