Amanda Bennett: A Year in Zaragoza, Spain

Valencia!! January 11, 2010

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View from the Miguelete of the Serrano Towers and Valencia.

The Serrano Towers: but having the backs open, the towers could be used only for defense, and once the enemy overtook the tower (should such a terrible occurance occur), they couldn't use the tower against the city.

The holes on the bottom of one of the tower balconies, useful for pouring boiling oil on invading enemies.

A model of the building and information in braille!!! It would be a wonderful idea if they weren't made out of metal and placed in direct sunlight...

View of a lovely plaza from the Miguelete tower of the Cathedral.

The heaviest bell in Spain, located on top of the Miguelete tower of the Cathedral of Valencia.

The Romanesque door of the Cathedral. A great monocosm of Spanish history, it also has a baroque entrance and a Gothic one.

La Lonja de Seda - the Silk Exchange. That's right, this entire building was created with the sole purpose of trading silk. Valencia was rich, man.

Valencian oranges! (One of the now-famous products brought by the Arabs) Valencia is famous for its oranges, its paella (a Spanish rice dish flavored with saffron and traditionally made with rabbit and pig), and its horchata (a drink made from pressed tiger nuts, milk, and sugar) - and oranges, rice, and tiger nuts were all brought to Valencia by the Arabs!!

A view of the concert hall which forms part of la Ciudat d'Ciencias i Bellas Artes. I think it looks like a spartan helmet.

It rained and the museum was closed, but we had to go see la Ciudat d'Ciencia i Bellas Artes, a new complex of a science museum, auditorium, aquarium, and IMAX a good walk south of the old part of Valencia. We took a bus back!!


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