Amanda Bennett: A Year in Zaragoza, Spain

País Vasco, Aúnque Sea Francia January 28, 2010

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Map of the País Vasco, which extends into France as well

This weekend I am heading back to the Basque Country to the north. But this time, rather than visit San Sebastian and its southwestern neighbor Bilbao, I’m heading across the border to Biarritz in France for a night! Part of an elaborate and slightly ridiculous plan to spend about 30 hours with my friend from Deerfield doing SYA France this year, I’ll get to spend an afternoon alone in France before she arrives. Exciting, but one problem: je ne parle pas français! However, seeing as Spain is so close, I’m hoping that between Spanish and English I’ll be able to get by until my French-fluent companion arrives.
After violin today, I’ll head straight to bed in order to get a good night’s sleep before my early-morning bus (Friday is San Valero’s Day, the patron saint of Zaragoza, so we have the day off – although I’ll miss all the festivities, it will be so worth it!) and then catch another bus from San Sebastian to Biarritz.
Wish me luck – au revoir!


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