Amanda Bennett: A Year in Zaragoza, Spain

Back in Business in San Sebastian February 3, 2010

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A lovely little bridge in Biarritz, and a woman taking advantage of the definite resemblance to that romantic Titanic scene...

The view from our hotel room in Biarritz.

A seaside overlook in Biarritz, looking out over the Bay of Biscay, the same waters that crash against the Boston beaches...

A seaside overlook in Biarritz, looking out over the Bay of Biscay, the same waters that crash against the Boston beaches...

What a relief when Eliza arrived and communication was once again possible!
But an even better feeling (linguistically-speaking) was our return to Spain, where I was the one which dominion over the language. Our hotel was incredibly cute, with pink walls the same bright and cheery color as those of my sister’s room at home. The lovely “retro” upholstered furniture was a brilliant complement.
After a pastry breakfast, further beach exploration, and light sandwiches during our rush to the bus, we arrived in San Sebastian. Our first course of action was securing some Spanish hot chocolate, as the rain just begged for some warm chocolately comfort. We then strolled down the (covered) boardwalk lining La Concha, San Sebastian’s main beach.

Posing with a column in front of la Concha, decked out in rain umbrella had already been destroyed by the wind!!

We fruitlessly attempted to find churros, but the second most Spanish gastronomical item around were tapas, and I decided that we would take advantage of that. First stop: a mini crab tart for Eliza and delicious mushrooms a la plancha for me. We next went to A Fuego Negro, mostly because I loved their decor. I couldn’t read any of their menu items, as they were a crazy mix between basque and purposely misspelled Spanish, but I knew what the big round tortilla de patatas was, and ordered a slice of the typical thick Spanish potato omelette to go along with our coffee.

I also determined that the mugs in my café will follow this model. But with a little hippopotamus at the bottom.

A bit cold and wet, we returned to our hotel room to make some chai, thanks to a bag sent to me by my mother.
Unlike France, the restaurants in San Sebastian didn’t open for dinner until 8:30, so we put in some time shopping the rebajas and grabbing another tapa: mushroom croquettes and a baguette-olive tapenade-goat cheese-pine nuts-dried fruit tower. Deliciousness! Our dinner also took advantage of the great food in San Sebastian: we went to the same Italian place I discovered with Heather, Capriccoso, and split the best vegetable pizza ever.
We wiled the rest of our few hours together talking and wandering the little Spanish streets (and trying another hot chocolate place). We ended up really having to rush to the train station due to some morning lethargy, but we both made our means of transport on time – although we both would have preferred to miss them and stay in San Sebastian!


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