Amanda Bennett: A Year in Zaragoza, Spain

Back from the Capital March 1, 2010

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Our weekend in the Santa Ana barrio of Madrid was three days of good food and great art. Between bites of spinach pie, seitan curry, vegetable croquettes, mushroom and oat balls, apple cheese onion bake, rye bread,  cream cheese stuffed jalapeños, chips with guacamole, zucchini with goat cheese, stuffed shitakes, whipped cream cheese with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut, vegetarian burgers, cherry milkshakes, and a mozzarella-salmorejo tostada, we very much lived up the gastronomical side of our little vegetarian-friendly neighborhood haven.  We also visited El Prado (a great escape from the sprinkles) and spent an entire afternoon exploring the artwork and artists we saw in our textbook and discovering new favorites, and then followed it up with a visit to the Reina Sofia modern art museum. We also checked out the National Library, which has a surprisingly interesting museum.

All in all, it was a great trip…and like all of them, I left Madrid wanting more!


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