Amanda Bennett: A Year in Zaragoza, Spain

Happenings March 3, 2010

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My typical day here in Zaragoza has drastically changed since I began taking violin lessons. I now try to practice at least half an hour every day, plus on Thursdays I have my lesson and rehearsal with the group until 10! That isn’t to say that I don’t have time for other things…in fact, I seem to have lots of free time to skype with my parents and experience Zaragoza.
Last night I went to an organ concert in La Seo, Zaragoza’s gorgeous cathedral. The organist was José Luis González Uriol, Organista Honorífico de La Seo, and he played a variety of pieces ranging from Bach to Bohm to Corelli. I only had ever heard of the first, but the others turned out to be lovely as well. I arrived early to be sure to get a seat, as the free concert filled up fast. The concert opened with a prayer – the concert series is part of the celebration of Cuaresma, Lent. But this soon gave over to the melodies and multiple harmonies of the lovely organ. I really do enjoy organ music – the high notes can sound like a flute, the low ones like a powerful baritone saxophonist…An enjoyable evening.
Today I look forward to a Woody Allen movie at the Filmoteca…and this weekend, I’m off to Galicia!


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