Amanda Bennett: A Year in Zaragoza, Spain

Back in Zaz (and with a suntan to boot!) April 8, 2010

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As I realized that my favorite blog – Hannah Kaminsky’s Bittersweet – had crept above my own in my browser’s site list, I realized that it was about time I posted something.

I don’t have too much time before class starts, so here is a super-condensed preview of what is to come when I find time (which about now looks as likely as discovering 100 euros on the street).

Sicily was incredible. Even with the lure of my parents waiting in Barcelona, it was very difficult to leave such a beautiful land with such wonderful people. We lounged on the coastal rocks like the lizards my friend caught as a child, walked barefoot, ate gelato and granito and brioche and canoli, practiced Italian, and contemplated the Mediterranean from a 2500-year-old Greek theatre.

Barcelona had a rough start between plane delays and theft, but we all came out unharmed and ready to take in the Gaudí architecture, the hill up to Parque Güell, calçots and espinacas a la catalana, more Mediterranean, and abundant Gothic churches.

My parents then came back to Zaragoza with us, and we enjoyed a million course meal at my host mother’s (and my!) apartment, tapas, meeting my teachers, exploring the narrow European streets, churros and chocolate, and the Arabic palace.

Or, in fewer words: the best spring break ever.


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